We supply water chiller for home, villa and industrial use, as well we provide Swimming Pool Chiller Heat Pump for heating and cooling system of the water for swimming pool with automatic adjustable temperature controller.

Our scope of supply water chiller for home and industrial uses start from 2Ton to 100Tons.

Our Water Chiller has a cooling capacity ideal for domestic and industrial application like Water, Laser Machine, Process Machine, Cooling, Aquarium Water Chilling, Space Application, Milk & Dairy product, Food product, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Laboratory, Research, Plastic process, Hydraulic machine, Villas, Hotels and Apartments.

Our water chilling system is equipped with modern and advance technology which functions according to the heat load of any application. By the use of this technology one can manage the unit capacity in relation to production load variation. Our smart technology observes any peak in the heat load during the 1st stage of operation then it will increase the cooling effect accordingly.

Domestic and Industrial Water Chiller

  • Compact body mounted and open skid mounted system ready to install
  • Chilling plant is fully automatic with tried & tested controls
  • Quick chilling is ensured with plate type, shell and tube or flooded components
  • Globe Water Chiller saves energy with cycling fans and high efficiency fin tube air cooled condenser &liberal size fan
  • Locally tested as per ASHRAE STANDARDS before dispatch
  • All chilling plants offers guaranteed cooling capacity at rated parameters
  • Specific design to meet customers requirement for temperature also available in addition to standard models
  • Copeland/Maneurope Compressor with internal and external protection
  • Condenser: Air cooled with high quality inner grooved copper tube and aluminum fins
  • Evaporator: Plate type / Shell and Tube / Flooded / Tube in Tube / Coil in Tank for high efficiency performance
  • Refrigeration circuit consist of reputed filter drier, Expansion valve / Capillary tube, Sight glass, Solenoid valve, Accumulator and controllers from DANFOSS / SPORLON / ALCO
  • Controls with safety devices – high and low refrigerant
  • Digital / Analog temperature controller for precise temperature controlling
  • Audio visual indication for safety
  • Pump suitable for high flow and pressure
  • Trolley mounting [optional]