Our car park shade structures are designed to offer the maximum protection possible whilst still be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and the environment. With different options we are able to provide protection from harmful UV rays, or with our high quality PVDF vinyl fabric we are able to provide your customers protection from the sun, rain and hail.

APT Metals: The Finest Car Parking Shades Supplier in Dubai

APT structures are ideal for locations where the shaded area must remain unsupported. From covered parking garages and car garages to grandstands, pool areas, driving ranges, and more, we provide a variety of designs to suit your needs.

We provide:

  • Shade for areas that require unobstructed spaces. 
  • Shaded in a variety of designs 
  • Shaded in different colors 
  • Zinc-rich primer for added corrosion protection in coastal or wet areas. 

Our Parking Shade Structure

For parking lots and car dealerships, parking shades protect cars and keep them from overheating. At the same time, these shading structures ensure comfort and coolness for both customers and employees. a particularly good idea because they can generate more business for car dealers.

Why Choose our Shade Structures?

APT shadow structures are very versatile and work very well in different environments. Whether you need to provide a clearer view or set up tables, these umbrellas give you the extra space you need without poles getting in the way. 

An APT shade offers many benefits. It can block the sun’s harmful and blinding rays, so hot rays won’t affect cars. 

With a large shadow over your dealership, car wash, or parking lot, your business will be instantly more visible from the road, allowing you to enjoy more traffic. 

Our large shades are also a good choice for parking garages, car dealerships, and car washes as they improve visibility. If you own a dealership, this type of shading protects your cars and allows them to remain visible to potential customers passing by. And in parking lots, these versatile shaded allow customers to easily identify their cars.

Want customized Car shades?

If you want to customize your shade to match your corporate color or add a logo to your shade to act as a marketing message, contact our customer support to let us know the requirement.