APT Metals one of the biggest manufactures and suppliers of Aluminium/Steel profile sheets. We stock Special grade profiles in Aluminium/Steel, alternatively also get them extruded or sourced on special orders for our clients. In Super-cold temperatures aluminium alloy is generally one of the toughest metals, making it useful to handle (very low temperature metals). Aluminium profiles are used Architectural systems, catering equipment, cladding, construction, door sections, display equipment, Electronics, furniture, General engineering, Oilfield, machine building, office equipment, Shipping and Marine Industry.

Aluminium/Steel sheets are used in manufacturing of structural sections for ships, armor (military vehicles), trains and also aluminium composite panels. In transportation, it’s used for automobile bodies because of its light weight properties. Aviation industry has a high demand as aluminium is ideal for an aircraft structure due to its light weight as well as high resistance to corrosion.

Simple and complex extruded shapes include seamless and structural aluminum pipe and tube, rod, bar and hex products, structural angles, channels, tees and custom shapes.