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Galvanized sheets are used in all areas of business. They are used in agriculture as grain silos, troughs, sprinklers, trays, partitions, and painted-coated products. Many household items are also made from Galvanized Iron. Sheets made from GI range from small tubs and buckets of water to washing machines and pipes and other fixtures where water is constantly present. 

Why Should You Select Our GI Profile Sheets in UAE?

Low Initial Cost 

Compared to most treated steels, it is a low-cost material. Moreover, galvanized sheets are ready to use upon delivery. It doesn’t require additional surface preparation, inspections, coating, etc.

Longer Life 

With galvanizing, a piece of industrial steel is expected to last in excess of 50 years in average environments and can last in excess of 20 years with water exposure. It doesn’t require any heavy maintenance. The increased durability of the finished steel product also increases the reliability of the sheet. 

Sacrificial Anode 

Steel can be protected through the surrounding layer of zinc. It doesn’t matter if the steel profile is fully exposed; the zinc will still corrode first. The coating corrodes preferentially to steel and provides sacrificial protection for damaged areas. 

Brilliant Rust Resistance 

It provides high rust resistance than zinc. The iron factors in metallic are exceptionally at risk of rusting. But, the addition of zinc acts as a shielding buffer among the metallic and any moisture or oxygen. 

Galvanized Iron is very shielding and consists of sharp corners.

Tough Coating 

A galvanized coating has a unique metallurgical structure that provides excellent resistance to mechanical damage during transportation, assembly, and operation. 

Provides Long-lasting Protection

Every part of a galvanized Iron is protected, including gaps, sharp corners, and inaccessible areas. No coating is applied to a structure or fabrication after completion. It offers a long-lasting level of protection.

Fast Erection Times 

When you buy Galvanized Iron sheets, they are ready for use. No time is wasted on site with surface preparation, painting, and inspection. Once the construction has been assembled, it can be used immediately or for the next construction phase.


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