Metal Decking

Composite Deck Slab is steel cum concrete slab having ribbed steel profile at the bottom & concrete on top, together forming a part of the floor/ roof structure called the composite deck slab. Primarily the Concept of Deck sheet usage has crept into the construction industry of India during the past few years, though this has been prevalent prominently in overseas projects & usage of the same has also increased enormously in today’s scenario. However in India this concept is catching fast now & usage for this type of structure has increased drastically in domestic market mainly because of the explored advantages of steel deck profile.


Applications of Metal Deck Sheet:

Composite or Metal decking is one of the most effective method of constructing floors in steel building and significantly useful in high rise RCC / Steel Buildings &TG buildings of Power project constructions. We manufacture profiles which can be supplied within a short period and also develop customized decks suitable for specific requirements. Metal decking can be effectively used in following constructions of Multi-story buildings (Industrial / Residential), Shopping malls, Super markets, Silos, Storage Areas, Mezzanine Floors, Bridges, Walkways and Platforms etc.


Advantages of METAL DECKING usage:

  • Light weight and doesn‘t require any form work or support props for slab casting.
  • Reduces the reinforcing steel by 25% as deck profile itself contributes largely to the tensile reinforcing property.
  • Acts as composite member and as permanent shuttering.
  • No major reinforcement required unless the design parameters demand.
  • Decreases in slab thickness, provide lighter slabs, reduced foundation loads resulting in less material
  • Consumption & thus lowering the cost.
  • Deck can be used as working platform during construction.
  • Enables speedy construction of the project thereby reducing cost of time period.
  • Metal deck can also be used as roofing and cladding sheet s in cement! power and bulk material handling plants.